Herewith, your majesty, my weekly summary of goings-on and issues of concern. — Tomas

Royal family

Llewella — Has settled rather sullenly into her rooms at the palace. Will definitely assist with repairing relations with Rebma, if only because she seems to loath living on dry land.

Deirdre — As per your orders, I am leaving her alone. Suspect she is only in the palace in order to be on hand should Corwin attempt to break out. Suspect she would not be on your side should that occur. But you knew that.

Bleys — No news. Florimel says she is making some headway, but her next steps are ‘delicate’. Suspect that means she will be asking one of your relatives to do something they’ll disagree with. Have confirmed that it was Bleys who walked the broken pattern in Careoc and adjoined it to Amber. Although initial effect was beneficial, long-term political instability is more likely the outcome he was looking for.

Fiona — House arrest. On your advice, have been affording a wide berth. Gerard had let his ‘watch’ over her lapse somewhat, though he now seems to be keeping a closer eye on her.

Brand — Also house arrest. Also giving a wide berth. I cannot even begin to unpick the metaphysics of recent events there. Best leave that to the experts, i.e. you. Sorry.

Caine — Continues to supply extremely useful reports.

Julia — Continues to keep Arden in perfect order.

Gerard — Continues to keep the fleet in order.

Alma — Has shown no signs of planning a second attempt on Fiona’s life. Is maintaining contact with Martin.

Florimel — Is without blemish or malice. Obviously.

Hagen — Cannot find any reason to put him back in the dungeon. Seems to actually be working for the good of Amber. Possibly only falling down in keeping a rein on the younger members of your family. My brother tells me to not be so suspicious of him, which only makes me more suspicious.

Martin — Not sure what I can add to already voluminous collection of letters, complaints, and petitions. Weirmonken army with high-explosive projectile weapons led by exiled Rebman Prince sitting in a coastal camp not good for local morale. Realise this is Rebma’s problem, but they are sitting on our land.

Lara — New Sheriff taking very well to job. Look forward to working with her. How much can I delegate?

Sioned — Continues erratic. On advice, giving a wide berth.

Emil — Spending large chunks of time in Feldane lands with dungeon-divers. Not my place to speculate, but perhaps his father has sent him looking for something?

Not included because refusing contact — Benedict, Matilda, Delwin, Sand. What we learned recently about Delwin is disturbing, but still hearsay.

Not included because in dungeon — Corwin, Random. Realise we are now only keeping Random there for his own protection, and potentially as fodder in negotiations with Rebma.

Not included because assumed dead — Osric, Finndo, Theodric, Daud, Isaac, Mirelle, Luce. Theodric is dead now, isn’t he?

Noble houses

Have handed over much work on inter-house politics to the Sheriff’s department. Lara’s 2IC Edan Karm very competent young man, also settling in nicely, however issues with Garnath may change his politics, so one to keep an eye on.

Bayle — Mostly concerned with Chantris at present, due to Careoc situation. Great deal of delicate negotiations going on.

Chantris — Mostly looking at Bayle. Suspect Bayle situation is making life complicated for Caine and Gerard in the fleet.

Feldane — Showing more interest in being involved at court. Suspect Florimel’s involvement there. Something to watch.

Karm — You’ve seen the dossier from the Sheriff’s department. Not likely to blow up in the short term, but could become a real issue in a couple of months if the drought doesn’t lift. Suggest increasing food imports from Golden Circle to plug shortfall.

Venway — Doing what they usually do. Pretending not to be involved in ‘petty politics’ while keeping half an eye on what Hagen’s doing.

Privy Council et al

The City — Lord Coram not happy about Martin’s troops.

The Guild — de Vries very happy about possibility of long-term aid going into Garnath. Shall keep a close eye on guild to prevent price-gouging.

The Church — Still refusing to tone down gendered language. Uphill battle. Possibly best to outlive them.

The Watch — Currently expanding headquarters. Expect budgetary overflow.

The Fleet — Still in mourning for Luce. All my fleet meetings lately have involved copious quantities of alcohol.

The Army — Haizea’s army now only force still stationed in Garnath. As suggested, they have been offered continued billeting while negotiations are ongoing between Haizea and Duke Bayle. Suspect they would give Martin a run for his money.

The Palace — Have hired in more staff, including ladies maids.

Sarina — Continues unhelpful. Are you sure there’s no other Tir contact we can approach?


Terrible word for it. Shall come up with a better one in future summaries. [This note has been included in the last eight summaries. No better name forthcoming.]

Weirmonken — No recent contact. Unless you count Martin’s troops. Serious dissent building in privy council re Martin’s troops, and apparent weirmonken ‘ambassador’ residing in palace.

‘Horizon’ — Nothing new to report. Despil is keeping a low profile, and the mysterious Prince Mandor Sawall has not been seen again in the palace. Whoever they are, they are pretending to care very little about Amber and its people. Have suggested to Hagen that he pursue the matter, since Mandor seems to have taken a shine to him.