noun \ˈfyüg\fjuːɡ

A contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices, built on a subject that is introduced at the beginning in imitation and recurs frequently in the course of the composition

A person experiencing a Fugue may have recently suffered the reappearance of an event representing an earlier life trauma; the emergence of an armoring, defensive personality seems for some to be a logical apprehension of the situation.


At any point in the fugue, there may be false entries of the subject,
which include the start of the subject but are not completed.
False entries are often abbreviated to the head of the subject,
heightening the impact of the subject proper



Day 1 – Evening

Arms, voices, the vertigo of trump travel. Sounds melting in to each other. Rage….an ache, screaming gone. Questions, sliding across the mind, are there answers…..she is unsure. Two voices, a name. She knows them…..she knows them? She….knows? Reflections folding in on themselves, but the glass is shattered, it folds incompletely, glaring shards tumbling from the mass.
One voice, calming, talking. hands guiding, echoes, water….falling? Comforting, water burbling. Home! Water, happy, water. Reaching out, holding back, clothing, undressing her, laughing. Get to water, need to. Is the laughter hers? His? Vision tilts and sways, the edges liquid, flowing away, around and back. Arms lifting, around her, water, folding over, covering, encasing. Safe.







This is safe.


Voices fade further, vision vignettes; semi consciousness, floating.


…Soft towels, arms, strong


…Rest, a heartbeat, tired. Who is he? So tired, bodies pressed close.

Sleep…..her name…her name?

The reflection folds again and slides from view.