Day 2 – Morning



Thank you. I’m sorry I was not contactable last night. .
. Uzuldaroum?
It’s a process.

How is she?

. I don’t know. Prince Hagen brought her through yesterday. Most of the bruising subsided overnight, except for the particularly livid ones. Nothing is broken, or if it was, it’s not any more. She’s semi-conscious at best.
Sioned? Dear girl? Are you awake? .
. She responds, but I don’t know if she registers what she’s seeing.
She can open her eyes and move, so that is a good start. Is there anyone who can reach out to her? .
. Highnesses Emil and Lara aren’t answering trump, and I’m not sure she’d trust anyone else. Prince Hagen seemed certain she would return given time. 
I don’t much trust any of them, although I admit that they seem to have her best interests in mind. Do you return here tonight? .
. I have duties to attend, but yes, if that is appropriate?
I’m her father, Esmond, not her keeper. Of course it’s appropriate. Take my trump, it will be quicker than having to walk up from the city gates. .
. She is strong, your daughter. If she can make it back, she won’t give up until she does. I will talk to the Warden if you agree? She may know of something else helpful.
Thank you.

Well, my dear, you’ve got a healthy dose of pigfish-headedness from both me and your mother. This may be the only time I encourage you to use it.