Day ??? – Precious Illusions



It has taken a while. Through a myriad of strange, whimsical, beautiful, terrifying mindscapes. And finally this room, an unlovely476210323 square; walls, ceiling and floor, all broken mirrors. One wall, covered in intricate scrawl crossing the broken shards, which seem to grow together at the point of contact. She watches as a melting line slowly expands along the break, melding the two pieces together, a slight distortion lingering for a few minutes before rolling away smooth.

There is music and sound, jumbled together in harmony. It is loud.

Through a hole in the floor, a hand emerges, it holds a large shard of mirror. Another follows, then elbows, head and shoulders. A slight kick and the rest of the figure pushes up in to the room. It is Sioned. She sways with the music as she walks. She fits the shard against a gaping hole, o-BROKEN-MIRROR-RECYCLING-facebookand pulling the top off a marker with her teeth, deftly begins to scribble her incantation from one side of the break to the other. This break is large, and she turns the scrawl in an undulating arc back over the break at some distance to the first. The hand holding the shard is bleeding. So are her feet. She does not seem to notice.
The shard begins to mend, and she carefully lets it go.
She turns to find the next piece, and stops. She has seen the intruder.

“Do you know me?” the voice echoes and rolls much louder than expected through the space, and although the music is loud, her voice is heard perfectly.
“Yes.” She says. “You are …Lara?…Lara.” She is distracted by a smaller broken piece on the floor, barely the size of a coin. She picks it up, walks to a place on the floor where a spider web of cracks are slowly melting together, and fits it in to the last remaining hole. Again she scrawls, in minuscule letters across the break, and leaves it heal.
“What are you doing?”
“Repairs.” She grins, one of her teeth is missing. “I wasn’t ready. Well, I was ready, but I was tired.” She reaches through a hole Broken+Mirror_Evening+Sky(E6)in the wall and pulls back a long, thin, evil looking skewer of glass. “So everything got smashed to hells. Thank you for trying though.” Her hands bleed where she holds the glass. She lays it on the floor and begins to write the formula. When she reaches edge, she keeps writing upon the air. She finishes writing, the text crossing the shard over and over, she lifts it up and there is a sudden feeling of vertigo as the shard “falls” in to place in the ceiling, the letters scribbled on the air sticking to the surrounding surface and beginning to meld. “I have to put this back together before I can tackle that.”
The ring appears in the air between them, rotating gently.  “Don’t worry, that’s just a visual representation of the remnants. I managed to store most of it elsewhere before Hagen dragged me home. It’s why the music is so loud. Otherwise I’d hear them, and nothing would ever get done.” She continued to work.
“I think I understand. Your focus is here, so your body…”
“Is working without me at the moment. Why, is something wrong with it?” She stops again, the music becomes slightly discordant as concern crosses her features.
“No, but we are worried that you are not yourself.”

“Well of course I’m not myself…or am I more myself. I am myself here, which is inside of there, and this is all to make sure I am as much myself as I can get…so…I am unsure.”
“Judging by this scene, I don’t think you really had a choice. Can I help?”
She smiled. “I can teach you the filigree. That wall” She points to the largest hole in the room, “It broke in one big sheet. I can hold it if you can write the mending? You could do the holding but,” She spreads her hands displaying their bleeding palms with a wry grimace.
“Well, you’d better teach me this mending of yours.”