Time – Further

The room was almost without flaw. So much so that it had become a little un-nerving. Lara was reminded on that scene from Divergent…that really was a naff film.
All that was left was a crack the width of a fingernail plus the smallest sliver of glass that fit in to it. And a mind bending conjuratoric diagram that seemed to increase in size and complexity with Sioned’s musings.


Lara had thought the question a relatively simple one. Could you copy memories to copper-minds, instead of moving them wholesale.
Occasionally sections of the map would disappear and Sioned would re-scribe over them in different characters and tracks.
“No, the change should be in the tertiary track…or perhaps the secondary action on the quaternary trigger…wait, the binary action element…” As she sits pondering those thoughts, what Lara can only assume are the subject narratives on the floor waver in an out of existence.
She noticed Sioned’s hands and feet were almost healed now. But she suspected that the mental wounds were not so easily repaired. It had taken a little manouvering to even get around to the question. She was pretty sure that the last thing Sioned really wanted to think about was copper-minds. But now here they were. Looking at the map was…a little humbling. It wasn’t the conjuration, it was an expression of the conjuration, that much she had gleaned from Sioned’s intermittent explanatory wittering. But seeing the complexity of it…Sometimes even Lara fell in to the trap of thinking that her friend was a little…airheaded.

“Ah. Ok.” The wavering lines solidified, and a large section of the primary track blinked out of existence. Sioned’s feet stepped lithely across the patterns and tracks, she leant down and drew three large and interlocking symbols. The pattern wavered and was gone.
“That was a bit simpler than I expected” She grinned in a self satisfied way, which quickly slipped from her face to be replaced by a gently haunted expression.
“Lara, I can do it. The way you use it is different, and it will take more time. You’ll have to inscribe the memories by repeatedly going over them until they impress.”
Sioned looked at her friend. “Are you sure you want to? It appears this kind of thing is not without risks. At least risks I didn’t consider.” She smiled wryly. “I can’t guarantee that someone won’t be able to use this against you in some way, or co-opt it for…some other use.”
“You can lock them down though, so that only certain people can use them?”
Soined shrugged. “I thought I could, but then…”
Lara nodded. Yes, that much was becoming obvious.
“Think about it. It can be done, and if you want to, I will make it for you. But you need to go back now.” She motioned to the last remaining crack. “Have to finish this. Let’s talk…out there” she waved her hand in the general direction of…well, everywhere.
They grinned at each other.
“See you on the outside?” Lara couldn’t help herself.
They giggled at each other. Sometimes…sometimes it was just this juvenile.