Delivered by hand from Lara to Deirdre with the following note attached:



I know our relationship is rocky at best, in large part due to my behaviour and I apologise for that. Please find enclosed a gift, which I hope you may like, as a way of trying to make amends. It is an artefact ring which I’ve been able to imbue with some of the memories of my mother I have from my childhood. Some are hazy as they’re very early, but I hope it will give you an idea of her life on Earth. I do not know why Mum had to leave Amber so suddenly and come to an unknown world alone and pregnant to make a new life, I can only guess it was related to something very not good having occurred and her subsequent pregnancy with me. She was a wonderful and loving mother, although she always had a tinge of something about her, something which I’ve only recently realised was a kind of sad longing. I suspect she missed you and Amber very much.

All you need to do to activate it is put it on and you should experience the memories as if you’re standing there as they occur. It is only good for one use, but you will then have the memories in your own mind.