We are the Impure. We seek to become Pure.

We are the Lost. We will be Found.

We are the Wronged. We will have Vengeance.

They describe themselves as the avengers of a murdered God. They don’t agree who (or what) The God was, originally, but they do agree there was a crime, and there must be Punishment before there can be Salvation. Their history is a litany of arguments, schisms and pogroms, mostly against each other. They have become hardened by trial and accusation. But they are the holy folk: they seek only to purify all around them, to rescue the universe from itself. Whether it wants it or not.

The oldest unpurged elements of their doctrine speak of their God being butchered by a Prometheus-like figure who took the god’s flesh (and/or essence) to recreate the world and make many powerful artefacts. They seek to recover these, and perhaps if they win enough, they will be able to, Isis-like with Osiris, resurrect their God from its remains. All else is argument and opinion.

The Curiate bring themselves closer to their God by trying to unravel the influence their universes hold on their souls. Although images of The God are blasphemy (and they find the Amberites, who show the Unicorn on their heraldry, to be particularly and hatefully blasphemous), their sigil, shown below, can be assimilated through lengthy and careful gnosticism to reveal an image of The God in their minds. This is the key to their power. It makes them suffer. It makes them judgmental, and so the worlds around them suffer, or are destroyed in cleansing flame. All in the name of greater Purity.


The Curiate excel at manipulating others to prove their purity, their worthiness to be redeemed. “Let’s you and him fight” is their modus operandi. No sense wasting the less-Impure while there is so much dross to be expended. Or, more charitably, sifted. The Redeemable will be left behind, undefiled, in the gore of the Unredeemable.

They are fanatics. They often wear much more approachable masks. The masks conceal their judging eyes.

All are judged.