“This?” Talion gestured, somewhat shyly, at the holster on his thigh, and the worn pistol within it.

“Ah, yes… Well, I’m not quite sure how it works. It was what I was carrying at the time, and… Oh, what I was carrying when I entered the Storm. I think you’d call it a Broken Pattern. It raged at the center of my world, in the Waste, a sandstorm never-ending, always devouring.”

“I chanced it, once, and… well, I came out changed. Different, or at least seeing the world differently. I could still see my… But I could see more. It woke something in me, I think. Something I never knew, or had maybe once forgotten, I don’t know.”

“But yes, the gun. Well, I was carrying it at the time – it was nothing, before the Storm – just one more tool for staying alive. After, though… Now it seems always with me, and I understand that it works where it shouldn’t, and even if I lose it, there’s always one close by.”

“That was a knack I developed in the Waste, after… when the world all fell apart. You learn to take whatever’s close, whatever you can lay your hands on…”

“And you turn it into a weapon.”

Owner  Talion, Prince of Amber
Style  Pistol, mostly in the form of a Glock, common throughout many Earth-related Shadows
Dimensions  30mm wide; 165 mmLength Between Sights
Weight  625Grams
Nominal capacity  17 rounds, now closer to 12
Attributes  Rack and use spells; Ubiquitous