I’ve picked up this small journal in… I don’t know the name of the place. Should have asked Suhuy.

I want to keep a brief… Diary I guess you would call it. I don’t know how out of my depth I am, and considering I’m still not quite sure how real this all is – say, as compared to the beautiful young girl that keeps appearing at the foot of my bed.

I know she’s not real. I saw her die. But there she is. Gone just now while I was writing, but she’ll be back, maybe with her mother… Sometimes I look forward to that.

My point is, is that I want to keep track of things. Partly for my own record, to remind me of what’s real, and in part because I am doing dangerous things, among very dangerous people. If something happens to me, perhaps this could be of use to Lara and the others.

There may be a map, at some stage, too, but there’s a lot to think about in that direction. I can almost feel the shape of things.

For now… I have travelled far. I suspect few have ever done this. I am beyond the most extreme Shadows that are far from Amber; Shadows that nearly killed me, and some that sought to… Change me. I am made of tough stuff.

I found a caravan, lead by the kind Faizel. He led me to Suhuy, someone important out here, who I asked to help me find Bleys – I don’t know him, but he’s apparently family, and very much a clear and present threat to Amber security. It feels good to be approaching something like police work again, to be protecting something.

Maybe this time I can succeed.

So far… So good. Suhuy had a jewel, something rather powerful, that let me pinpoint Bleys. There were others, too, family I guess, out this way – some even further on from Amber, though space and distance out here is a strange concept. But for now, Bleys.

I’ve in fact just spent an evening talking with him. I’ve possibly convinced him that I am an ally, or at least sympathetic to his cause. Whether he believes me or not, he’s set me a task.

Rescue Corwin.

I’ll need to talk to Lara soon. But that will take another long walk – Bleys has intimated the extent of his power over these Trump cards everyone uses, so I’ll need to report this face to face.

I’m too far away for them to work, anyway. I’ll head back tomorrow. I need a night’s rest anyway.

Hopefully my skin will be a little more healed by then.

She’s back now, but she’s crying.

I wish I could make her stop.