Lara’s eyes grow heavier in the midday heat and finally slide shut, the journal slipping from her grip and closing with a brief flash of green as it falls to her lap.

A series of images tumbles through her mind in flashes, nothing she can make much sense of later, but it all seems so clear at the time. It’s the feelings more than anything that linger.

A kiss, the feeling of overwhelming love

A glowing pattern, pain

Total darkness, fear

Snuggled in warm covers, serenity

Walking an unfamiliar road, anxiety

Greyswandir dripping with blood, shock

Wrapped in strong arms, comfort

She awakes with a start, and looks around, disoriented for a moment until she sees Sioned lying asleep on the grass. It can’t have been more than ten minutes since her own eyes drifted shut which means Sioned’s probably been asleep for 15 minutes or so now.

Resolving to let Sioned sleep for another 15 minutes, Lara picks up her Trump deck and shuffles through, pausing for a moment on one of the cards, before continuing on until she finds Emil’s likeness. Time to bring in the reinforcements.