Back in Amber, much quicker this time. Helped by someone called Gilva, who used a power called… Well kind of like Pattern, but faster.

Took my plan to Lara, and she’s going to talk to the Queen about it.

Now, bath time. That never gets old.

Oh, may be being hunted by something called the Legion, after using Suhuy’s gem. Which is one of the Tears of the Unicorn. That Emil stole. Of course.

Talked to the others. Opinions vary about the plan. Can’t blame them.

They’re off to walk through a city in the clouds above the Amber. Huh.

They’re back, with… Emil’s daughter? Jury’s still out on dealing with Corwin and Bleys. Hagen wants to go find Dworkin and yell at him – since there’s nothing else to do…

I’ve driven across the Nullabor with a child. I’ve transported the worst criminals to lock ups in my interceptor.

Amberites are even worse companions on a road-trip.

Dworkin found us – told me he’s sent a shadow of my child to Amber. I was… Not as pleased as I could be. May have slammed him into the ground and borrowed Hagen’s yelling idea. He seems to think the preservation of the Pattern justifies anything.

Emil used some magic and my wedding ring to try and track the child, but instead brought us to Amber, and to Flora. She had a pair of rings, very similar to mine; from her own version of me. Shadow – very strange. And this version of me had a daughter – who lived.

But we did discover that she’s being manipulated by Fiona, who found the ring, and gave it to her, proving that she knew about the daughter. A threat. I do not know where this male child is, but Emil is going to keep looking. I appreciate that. And I told Flora that I’d find Max’s daughter, and keep her safe.

I hope I can do a better job on this one.