Watching as Sioned disappeared into her Trump contact Lara sighed. Hopefully Sioned would remember to come back.

She looked back down at the Trump of Emil that was in her hand, now was as good a time as any to contact him and see if he’d come through to help them with the Oberon issue. Lara hoped that the plan he’d mentioned was something they’d be able to manage between the three of them, she wasn’t sure about the level of power Oberon currently had, but knew that it was still going to be impressive.

The Trump went cold in her grip as she concentrated on it and suddenly Emil was there, looking a bit preoccupied.

The air was full of noise, petrol cars and honking horns and people arguing. Somewhere in the distance a call to prayer began ringing out. Casablanca was a melting pot, and the swirling of hot desert air and cool ocean breeze made it seem as though the zephyrs were mixing just as the cultures were.

Ty narrowed his eyes at the taller man, his supposed guide and guardian. Emil had suddenly paused, and had that far-off look of somebody receiving a trump contact. Ty considered nudging him to drop in on the conversation, then thought better of it. ‘Knowledge always comes at a price,’ his father was fond of saying.

Emil was only half aware of his charge as he accepted the trump. Lara’s bright mind connected with his own and she began talking immediately.

“Emil, hi, I was wondering if you’re able to come through? Sioned and I have reached the barrier and we know Sean’s on the other side of it. He’s been carted off to jail and I think we’ve got an opportunity to find him and get Oberon out of his head.” Lara half shrugged as she continued, “that is, if we can come up with a plan that doesn’t end up with us all dead, or worse.”

“Uh, sure, yep, I think I can do that. Got a passenger with me though,” Emil looked off to the left, refocusing on the real rather than the mental.

“Detour okay? Something I have to do first.”

Ty frowned, trying to work out if this was an innocent divagation, or something more sinister. He’d been warned about the machinations of the redheads, but when one parent believed in ‘shoot first, ask questions later’, and the other advocated ‘keep them talking until you know what they’re up to’, finding the right course of action could be challenging.

He decided to take the ‘watch and learn’ route. “Whatever,” he said, trying for surly.

Emil nodded, frowning a little, before returning to his conversation with Lara.“I found Ty and promised to take him home, but he’s cool with coming along on a detour, so, bring us through.”

There was a swirl of Trump light and suddenly there was Emil and a kid who looked about 12. Lara held out her hand to him, “Hi, I’m Lara, nice to meet you.”

Ty’s scowl had darkened considerably. One Amberite was bad enough. Now there are two. He resisted the urge to turn and bolt, hugging his bag close in to his chest as a kind of barrier. “So where the hell are are we?”

“I’m not one hundred percent sure, somewhere far out in shadow.” Lara turned to Emil slightly, “I’m waiting for Sioned to get back before we try and get through the barrier again, Sean is on the other side and I think Hagen is too. You said you had a plan?”

Emil started to speak again, but Lara interrupted him, saying, “best we wait for Sioned, she’ll understand more of it than me and we need all of us for this if we’re going to have any hope of making it work.” She looked at Ty again, “we’ve still got some sandwiches, how about we have lunch while we wait for Sioned to get back?”

The three of them settled down under the trees, waiting for Sioned’s return.