How old are you? Have you been rattling around since the early days, or are you a new addition to the family?

Time makes things a bit confusing these days. Chronological self-time, 31 I think, Amber time, only 25 or 26. I’m not sure age is even going to be all that important to me any more, although I’m sure someone will feel the need for me to be accurate about it sigh Basically, I’m still a young-un, although not the youngest any more.

What are you known for? Power? Subtlety? Duelling?

I am known for…being over exuberant, fighty, conjuration, a bit silly on occasion, but well meaning.

How would an average shadow-dweller react to you?

Most seem to think I’m good fun, at least the ones I’ve met do…mostly…I think

What in your life do you regret?

If I allowed myself to regret, I don’t think I would grow, I’d sit around all maudlin and Venway. I’ve done some stupid shit, mostly to myself. Now I have to take responsibility and learn from it. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

The Pattern

When did you walk the Pattern? How did it affect you?

Which time? Julia thinks it’s cleansing. I think…I am unsure. Each time is different, stuff comes up and the only thing that keeps me pushing is knowing I’ll die horribly if I don’t. Very unattractive thought.

Who took you to the Pattern room? Why?

Dad. It seems like forever ago

What did you do with you new power?

I wanted to explore, see everything, experience everything. I think what I did instead was make a whole bunch of mistakes. Lessons are a bitch, the more power you have, the harsher the lessons are to learn. I already have some scars.


Who is your (likely) Amber parent? Do you get along with them?

My Dad, although he’s not walked the pattern. We’re family. We love each other, we hate each other, we argue, we laugh, we are always there, we know each other.

What was your upbringing like? Was your Amber parent involved?

My parents both loved me very much. I think I was a long time coming, and I wish I’d had more time with my mum. But always I wanted to be out, even before I was ready to explore. They gave me family, something my cousins seem to understand or lack in varying degrees

What about the rest of your family? Where do they come from? Are they still around?

My mother’s family are around, in Rebma. My father’s family…are definitely still around for the most part; most unexpectedly in a lot of cases.

Who in the royal family do you connect with? Who among them do you hate?

I’m coming rapidly to the conclusion that I don’t like Oberon at.all. He’s quite the jerk, and a bad father.


Is Amber home to you? If not, then where?

I want to say that Rebma is home, but I know that’s only because I’m looking at it through the window of nostalgia since I can’t go home. I don’t actually know. I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Do you claim membership of any of Amber’s noble houses? Which one, and why?

Do I claim it? No. But I am part of it, whether I like it or not.

Are you associated with any of Amber’s military or mercantile groups? Which one/s?

Not specifically, although I have fought with the military, am friends with the Sherrif, the Captain of the City Watch, Caine, Erika, Julia, Esmond, Hagan…wow, I know a lot of people who do some serious shit.

Have you fought in any of Amber’s big wars (assuming you were old enough to)? Why/why not?

Are we currently at war? If so, this one.

The Throne

Do you care who sits on the throne? Why/why not?

Not Oberon is really my only strong thought on this. Erica seems to be happy with it, and everything seems to function ok with her there. If not broke, let’s not fix, ok?

Are you old enough to remember the fallout from Osric’s attempted coup? Were you involved? How did you escape with your life?

Um, no.

How involved were you in the recent troubles between Erica, Corwin and Bleys? If you weren’t involved, why did you stay out of it? If you were involved, whose side were you on?

Not at all, although we all seem to now be involved in the aftermath. Fun times?