How old are you? Have you been rattling around since the early days, or are you a new addition to the family?

I think I’m still 28, though the way time flows and ebbs between Amber and Shadow I’m not really sure. I’m still new, still young, still learning.

What are you known for? Power? Subtlety? Duelling?

I suspect it would depend on who you talk to; my friends might say it’s my ability to use psyche and my steadfastness I guess you could call it. Others would likely say being the unknown newbie who has suddenly got hold of Greyswandir somehow. A Pattern blade makes people notice you, especially if you appear with it unexpectedly.

How would an average shadow-dweller react to you?

Possibly a bit more warily than they used to. Having access to the power of Pattern comes through somehow, even when you’re not using it. It becomes more and more noticeable as time goes on I think.

What in your life do you regret?

Always the loss of my mother. The way I’ve behaved to some people here, I’m trying to make amends for that. The fact that I managed to get Sean dragged into this world and in such a horrible way. … other things which may never be.

The Pattern

When did you walk the Pattern? How did it affect you?

The second time was in Tir Na Nogth and it was a shared walk with Luce. It was tough, fighting against memories and suppositions about my mother and her death; the death of friends at the hands of another. It bound us together, I think, a bit more than we had been which was both good and very bad for what followed.

The third time was the Prime Pattern, and that was… awful, necessary, heartbreaking, draining and life-altering in ways I’m not sure I understand yet.

Who took you to the Pattern room? Why?

The first time it was Ella, the second and third it was myself.

What did you do with you new power?

Well, I seem to have Greyswandir permanently now, which I guess is due to what I did with it on the third Pattern walk. Other than that, I’ve just continued to use it to do my job as Sheriff of Amber


Who is your (likely) Amber parent? Do you get along with them?

I… I don’t know for sure but there is a possibility which seems… impossible really.

What was your upbringing like? Was your Amber parent involved?

The first 12 years with my Mum are cast in such a golden light of memory. The years between 12 and 18 are not. My Amber parent was not involved.

What about the rest of your family? Where do they come from? Are they still around?

I thought I was an orphan, but have since discovered my mother was from Amber city, not Glastonbury, and that her parents are still here. My grandparents. That still sounds so odd.

Who in the royal family do you connect with? Who among them do you hate?

I connect with Sioned most of all I think, though I do count Hagen, Emil and Talion as friends. I admire Erica and am beginning to dislike Fiona, Bleys and Oberon very strongly.


Is Amber home to you? If not, then where?

It seems to be becoming such, more so than London now is. Time is so strange here that, although it only seems I’m spending a few days or weeks here, so much more time has gone in London. Last time I was in my flat there was a thin layer of dust over everything.

Do you claim membership of any of Amber’s noble houses? Which one, and why?

Umm, not really. I don’t think Venator are a noble house as such and as I don’t know who my father is, it’s not possible to claim anything else.

Are you associated with any of Amber’s military or mercantile groups? Which one/s?

Does being Sheriff of Amber count? I guess it does. So, the Sheriff’s office and, more tangentially, the City Watch.

Have you fought in any of Amber’s big wars (assuming you were old enough to)? Why/why not?

No. I’ve fought in skirmishes recently in the hope of preventing another big war, but I hope to never see war itself.

The Throne

Do you care who sits on the throne? Why/why not?

I have come to. To me it seems as if Erica is doing a good job, keeping the kingdom at peace, keeping it running smoothly. I think it’s taking a great toll on her though. As for any kingdom, a leader who brings stability, peace and prosperity for all is required and Erica appears to be doing this. I don’t think Bleys or Fiona would be anywhere as near as good for the realm.

Are you old enough to remember the fallout from Osric’s attempted coup? Were you involved? How did you escape with your life?


How involved were you in the recent troubles between Erica, Corwin and Bleys? If you weren’t involved, why did you stay out of it? If you were involved, whose side were you on?

Not those troubles themselves, but I’ve now been drawn into their aftermath. On the side of Erica as the monarch of Amber.