• How old are you? Have you been rattling around since the early days, or are you a new addition to the family?

I… I’m not sure. I can remember a birthday. Was there a cake? There were candles, and my… I cannot remember. 

The Wasteland has no seasons to track.

  • What are you known for? Power? Subtlety? Duelling?

Generally speaking? Being the last man standing. 

  • How would an average shadow-dweller react to you?

Hopefully not at all, but I suspect those days are gone. 

  • What in your life do you regret?

Easier to ask what I don’t regret. It’s a shorter list.

The Pattern

  • When did you walk the Pattern? How did it affect you?

Not long after arriving in Amber. If I have a choice, that’ll be the last time, too. Though it’s looking very possible that I walked some fragment of it in the roiling storm that boils forever in the Wasteland’s dead heart.

  • Who took you to the Pattern room? Why?

Desperation took me to the Whirlwind. The Pattern room… I cannot recall. My memory, sometimes… Yeah.

  • What did you do with you new power?

Tried to ignore it? I do not trust power, even in my own hands. Maybe especially so.


  • Who is your (likely) Amber parent? Do you get along with them?

I think… I think it’s the Old King. That doesn’t bear thinking about given how people react to him. 

  • What was your upbringing like? Was your Amber parent involved?

Not at all. I grew up thinking I was… normal. I was left alone in shadow, to live or die. 

  • What about the rest of your family? Where do they come from? Are they still around?

I lived. My family… did not.

  • Who in the royal family do you connect with? Who among them do you hate?

Flora. Florimel. Fury. Whatever her name, whoever I know her as, I know I trust her. She is my sister, I think, but beyond that… I trust her. I like Hagen, and I can recognise something in Sioned. Lara is competent, and reminds me of… something I once was. Emil… Yeah. Nah. But I don’t think I really trust any of them yet. No real reason to. They don’t know what I’ve been through, not the way Flora does.

As to hate, I don’t know anyone well enough, but I could make a really good run up at Fiona.


  • Is Amber home to you? If not, then where?

I haven’t had a home for a long time. The idea of settling down is… alien. I don’t know what I’d do if I did.

  • Do you claim membership of any of Amber’s noble houses? Which one, and why?

No. Thankfully – Amber’s complex enough as it is.

  • Are you associated with any of Amber’s military or mercantile groups? Which one/s?

Again, and for the same reason, no. Though I have more or less served – once – in its army. 

  • Have you fought in any of Amber’s big wars (assuming you were old enough to)? Why/why not?

Only the last Weirmonken War. That’s what they’re calling it, right?

The Throne

  • Do you care who sits on the throne? Why/why not?

Not as much as I care about who doesn’t. That’s a growing list.

  • Are you old enough to remember the fallout from Osric’s attempted coup? Were you involved? How did you escape with your life?


  • How involved were you in the recent troubles between Erica, Corwin and Bleys? If you weren’t involved, why did you stay out of it? If you were involved, whose side were you on?

Not those recent ones, but I suspect I’m plenty involved in the most recent ones. In ways that are… well, let’s just see if breaking Corwin out works, shall we?