The first melody; Fucking with Family in Dworkin major.

Shadow is infinite, sure. Infinite opportunities, infinite people. This means there are many copies of me out there and my many lives, decisions…consequences.
Isolde, brought into ‘reality’ by Dworkin from a shadow where an Ariana and Emil had a child. So many unknowns: why would he do this? What does she know? Is she my daughter, how the hell am I going to be a father? Should I be a father?
…that would be Indecisions and Selfishness in Emil minor.
I now have Ty, the ‘son’ of Talion, in my care trying to get him back to Amber into Talion’s care…and yet who knows if he is even there. Half of us are off trying to stop Oberon or chasing down Bleys…or joining his side.
Mother; she is loosing her grasp on reality and even Brand (I still struggle to call him ‘father’) doesn’t seem to know why. I feel in some way this is connected to the new magics I’ve begun to employ, or that just might be me stretching for a cause. I have no idea how long she has, and whether I have time to help.
Family in Christ-almighty major.
Lara needs to get Sean back. He’s important to her, Oberon is in his head and I might be able to work with the others to get him out.
Ty needs to find his father and his place in the world.
Dworkin needs to be stopped before he destroys anyone else’s lives.
Mother needs help before it is too late and she forgets everything…which will probably end any hope of Brand getting better.
Isolde needs…
Resolve, in the key of Emil.
Time to find some.