Found Max’s daughter. In prison – some trumped up charge made to stick by agents of Fiona no doubt.

Getting her out was easy enough, though a little alarming. This whole shadow controlling lark is strange, but useful. Anyway, got her out out on parole, and then fled the scene, and her shadow, before aforementioned agents could get on us.

Glory – that’s her name – is a smart kid. Grown up. Independent. her father would have liked her; I know, because I like her too. I almost wish she really was mine, and as I talk with her on the way back, it’s easy to imagine…

But then there they are, out of the corner of my eye, on the road. Both of them, lying there like I found them so many years ago.

Glory is not my child. My child is long dust.

The car – well, it’s not really a car any more, but it’s close – isn’t going to last much longer. But Amber is close.

Well, this is interesting.

Writing this entry off quickly in my… Rooms? Chambers? Apartments? Whatever they, are, I’m taking a moment before doing something possibly stupid and likely dangerous.

Got Glory home, and to Flora, and that feels… It feels good. Left a small token for Fiona.

And now I’m going to break Corwin out of the castle dungeons. If this goes wrong it is completely my own idea and no one else has put me up to this. Except for Bleys. Totally his idea. To free Corwin.

Yay Bleys.

That more or less worked. Random and Corwin are free, and walked the Pattern out of the palace. I left on foot.

Met Ty – not the best timing, but I’ve told him to track down Flora and Glory. At bit of a lose end while I wait to get to a point where I can shift shadow.

Then to contact Corwin.

Corwin is a nervous sort, but I really can’t blame him. Found him, Random, and an array of crossbow-armed warboys out in shadow. For all that he’s written as the villain of the piece, I suspect years in prison and blind have changed the man.

Certainly, the news that Erica was the arbiter of his freedom had a sobering effect.

But then Amber seemed to fall apart, shadow went strange, and hopefully someone will let me know what happened. For now, holding Ty and Glory close.