Why do bad things always follow good? Gods kissing Edan was nice. I need to do more of that. No time. Stop thinking about that Lara. Focus. Not on kissing Edan. Bad things happening. Focus. Need to get to Amber ASAP, help Evgeny. Oh shit, Hagen. Is he back there yet? Hope he’s still out in shadow. Will he be affected anyway? Tell him to stay away. Trump? No, don’t risk it. Send him a letter by Pattern? No, Fiona could intercept. Bird of desire? Yes, should work. Ok. Deirdre. She’s in Amber, yes? Must Trump her, see if she can help. Hope she can. I’ve got no idea. Magic, will that stop them? Emil, Trump him too. Who else? No Sioned, no Talion, no Caine. Erica not rational, no help there. Who else? What else? Sunlight, garlic, holy water? What stops vampires here? Don’t want to kill anyone. Shitshitshit.  Edan. One more kiss before I go. Right. Then action. Okay. Fuck.