This chapter comes from one of many books on Emil’s long forgotten bedside table in his home shadow of Origin. From the markings on the book it is clear that Emil only got up to chapter five.

Chapter Eight – ‘Cross Species Interactions’

As you might recall from previous chapters, more evidence is being collected everyday that points to the ethereal creatures which inhabit Origin being more than just lost souls or the remains from the accidents of the various mage guilds.

In fact, a recent report from the Council of Runic Mages states that some of these Phantoms might actually exist at multiple points in time or on several of the planes of magic simultaneously, thus giving them their ‘ethereal’ aspect.

Some of the creatures have, at points, become solid enough to interact with society, which has caused the occasional issue of cross breeding. (Editor: the Nature Mage representative for this publication would like to note that this should not be listed as an ‘issue’)

The resulting life form from such a union (or, in some cases, from an experiment or yet another spell gone wrong) often exhibits some of the qualities of both parents, however in the case of the ‘Phantom’ aspects (genes?) these are often subsumed by any magical powers from the six schools which are either naturally occurring or trained and imbued.

Sometimes, a subject can call upon these ethereal powers in place of, or complementing their current magical abilities.

This is not recommended. There have been many recorded cases of these spells going awry. In the case of a White Mage’s healing spell, the addition of the ethereal powers caused the injured body part to heal, but by reverting the body part to a state in its past when it was uninjured…in this case the leg went from belonging to its 34 year old Tauren to that of a 3 year old.

In addition, highly emotional states have been found to exacerbate the confusion between the two different aspects, often forcing the body into giving over entirely to one. Often times, this is when the ethereal aspect takes control and the subject separates from the base plane entirely.