The day had been long. If servants had come bringing food or water, she hadn’t noticed.

The physical body, an intricate machine. Delicate yet resilient, capable of astonishing acts of healing. The Amberite body, much hardier and more capable than most, but still a delicate thing. Sioned’s mind had wandered veins, synapses, nerve endings, capillaries, bones etc etc etc, pushing a little here, reminding flesh and bone of times when they were whole. Memory clusters got a wide berth, they shone like little groups of greenish yellow light. Brushing too close to one had brought with it laughter, the scent of coffee brewing and…something else that felt intensely private. She’d pushed herself away hurriedly. She had enough problems without going there.

There was a lot going on here. Remnants of toxic compounds, pulling their sub-structures apart and looking for where the particles needed to change to render them harmless. Passing knowledge into the flesh, compounds to reject, attack, dispose of. Endless corridors crowded by the drunken passage of behemoth red and white blood cells, the vague sense of music and of somewhere a party burbling in the background. Moving through walls into torn flesh, strands of muscle captured and re-knit by a thousand microscopic workers, each piece wrangled back into line and soothed with sweet words and harsh needles…oh wait…oh.

No…She was asleep…this was now a dream.

With that acceptance of the surreal as an allowable state, form lost cohesion and become more relaxed. Snippets of thought, conversation, visual representations of both simple and complex concepts rose and fell into lines of vision and thought, each astoundingly important in the few seconds of it’s being, and then eclipsed by the next.

“Atomic motions in molecules and crystals are organized into vibrational modes” 

She contemplated each form as it came and went, “heard” each thought as it was spoken by a universal “you know me” voice, unconcerned with the matter, except in the moments when she was.

well-defined melting points…the same type of bonds…shaped by the bonds that hold them together”

The knitting of molecules together into undulating lattices, each set of bonds gleaming silvery grey. Lattices forming patterns, expanding across axes, double bonds, triple bonds, increasing radially, laterally, pulling together singing baubles of matter to form new combinations, switching out ions, collecting, expanding, drifting into new frameworks.

“isotopic fractionation in crystals, causes discrete infrared absorption bands, and Raman scattering”

Mmmm, such interesting shapes created between bonded molecules, stars, ovals, circles, long flat rectangles of miniscule space between layers of lattice, spiralling oubliettes along densely packed frameworks…

“…phonon frequencies…spooky action”

lines of light weaving through the spaces between bonds and atoms…

“…density functional theory…”

crystalline forms, complex lattices of interlinking molecules…

“…discrete packets, quanta, of energy…”

Oh! That is an interesting thought.

A larger proliferation of lattice frameworks, interspersed with playing light and conjuration matrices. every now and then, a snug fit, the key turning a lock and creating a sustainable whole.

“…theoretical superconductivity…”

…a rapid succession of evolving lattices and matrices…an elegant arrangement. Very elegant.

The dream shifts as each form falls through space into visual solids, glowing with a new energy of encapsulated force. Blue, white, red, green, purple, an array of the spectrum. Now all she needed was a way to release it again…

Two children sat just inside the doorway. They had been sent over an hour ago to clear away anything remaining from the evening meal. It hadn’t been touched, and any proper thoughts they had of retrieving the dishes and scarpering back to the kitchen evaporated the moment they opened the door. instead they had spent the hour enraptured by an undulating and evolving show of sparkling light searing their retinas and leaving vague shapes of after-burn before moving on again. Colours and shapes, patterns, and all the pretty lights.

As the lights began to fade, and fall in a shimmering haze, they both sighed with disappointment and remembered what their duties had been.

Pools of the falling golden light gathered in the hummocks and valleys formed on the bedclothes; each swirling mass moving inexorably towards it’s creator, her form slumped awkwardly across the arm of a chair and side of the bed. The shimmer passed into Sioned’s skin and along all the pathways it could find to জ্ঞান and squirreling it’s way inside.