Notes from the Office of the Herald of Amber by Scribe Altonus Bayle


In day to day convention it is noted that Queen Erica prefers no blazon or device: she wears her colours of red, silver and black and her court flags show the jade and moonstone hues of the Unicorn.

It is considered that Her Majesty has little enthusiasm for her heraldic self, and that her historical devices, which have been applied to her rather than her choosing how to represent herself, are to blame.

It is noted that Her Majesty has not yet endorsed the device the Office of the Herald has constructed for her use (Diagram #3).

Diagram 1: Kamon, Garnathi river-lily in murrey. This device is typical of those of the royal family in the era AR250–700. It was given to Princess Erica by her father to reflect her mother’s heritage, as due to the irregularity of her birth, she could not formally display the symbols of Oberon’s House or Reign. There are only very few depictions of Princess Erica ever wearing this device, and they all date to before AR1000.

Diagram 2: Device in the style of the Corporation of the City, c. AR1280. This was designed by the famous calligrapher Junastia an Chantris in gratitude for Princess Erica’s stalwart defence of the City during the Second and Third Weirmoncken Wars. The motto, ‘Always first, the Realm’ was a calculated criticism of King Oberon’s war policy of aggression before defence. Princess Erica wore this device when she attended formal events in the City until comparatively recently. The crown is that of a Trueborn Princess Of The House Of Amber, and given Erica’s unresolved legitimacy, is arguably inappropriate.

Diagram 3: Device constructed upon the coronation of Queen Erica by the Office of the Herald of Amber. It draws on the history of her two previous devices (barbican argent and lily sable) quartered rouge et argent in a more stylised and modern style, shows the five realms of Amber in chief or as bezants sable, and the (stylised) modern Crown of Amber. The bearers are Queen Erica’s Garnathi horse Hanasang and her Arden Marches Red Griffin Kirrischa. The device has been with Her Majesty for a number of months but she has not seen fit to endorse it yet, nor provide a motto for her reign.