notes scratched on the back pages of Emil’s spellbook

It could well be that Pattern has been biggest thing standing in the way of sorcerers.

Pattern’s nature is to mold the universe to its own image. Sorcery has pretty much been treated the same way. Want a fireball in your hand? Rip its energy out of the multiverse and bung it into your current one.

But what if you just ask?

So, here is the thing. My aunt (??) mentioned something to me that’s started resonating…actually, that’s quite literal.

Inside Tir, if I wanted to construct a portal from there to Amber, all I had to do was walk up to a door and let I know where I wanted to go. I just had to ask.

Normally you pull energy from somewhere and create a tunnel from one place to another, effectively throwing a large javelin from where you are to where you want to go, and the hole in the universe it creates is large enough for you to go through.

I just had to ask…

So, Tir is high magic (??) that could account for the ease. But no preparation, no lynchpins…

What are lynchpins for? To tune outside magic for use in any shadow. Leave out the last component, the ‘translator’ until the spell hits. Every lynchpin adds time to the spell, slows you down. Doesn’t matter if it’s hanging, it would be nice to be able to cast something while the person is running towards you.

Energy is everywhere, why not just use it? Know the place, the shadow…no, the land where you’re casting the spell. Energy is everywhere, resonating in everything. So why take it from somewhere else? But by asking…request not force.

Start with intent. What do I want the spell to do? We’re taught that the intent of a spell is more of a default, but why not ask the land itself what that intent should be, according to it.

OH! HARMONY! Why didn’t I think of that?! If the spell is in harmony with the location…you can’t write a song till you know the orchestra!

That must be why the bards are so fast. Their power is the air around them, the spell woven into the wind but completely accepting what it is dealing with…where it is.

Take those quick few moments, become in harmony with the location. Understand and ACCEPT its resonance. Use that to form the spell!

Note for next time. Try to go a little slower. Third degree burns aren’t fun.

But it worked. I need to study this more.