Dear Mr Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service M,

You will be happy to know that through yours and Mr Scientist Q’s very gracious assistance, the Queen of Amber’s life was saved. When her majesty is returned to full health, I intend to bring to her attention your vital role in her recovery.

However, this is no excuse for my patently appalling behaviour when I visited your facilities. There are a number of reasons why that occurred, and primary among them is that I was a complete ass. For that I offer my unequivocal apology, and the reassurance that I will not return to the premises  again unless I am otherwise invited to do so. It was intensely stupid of me to behave in the manner that I did, and I did not consider the consequences beyond my own person. I did not intend to endanger the relations between Amber and your world. I would also request that you do not hold Lara personally responsible for any of what occurred. I have placed her in a very awkward position, and I take full responsibility for my own actions. She trusted me to behave appropriately, and I did not. Lara’s judgement is quite impeccable. This fault lies entirely with me.

It is customary among my mothers people to pay Prisddyn in restitution to those we have wronged. I am unsure what price would be adequate, so I leave it up to your discretion to ask of me whatever you believe would be fair recompense, keeping in mind that I could not provide restitution that would compromise my duty to Amber nor my family.

As a personal thanks to both yourself and Mr Scientist Q, I have enclosed two items.
87The first, for yourself, an electrum plated intaglio. By depressing the intaglio surface, a bubble of fast time is activated which will allow you to move through temporal reality at a much faster
speed than the world around you for a short period. It is one use only I’m afraid, but may be of further aesthetic value to you. The gems will turn a deep blue once used. I have made the ring to be as un-ostentatious as possible, in keeping with what I observed of your particular manner of dress.
dragonflies_solid_copper_ceiling_tile_2489__02171-1388992657-180-180The second item, for Mr Scientist Q, is a more compact version of my own copper tabula rasa, in which he expressed an interest. It is fairly easy to use, and I don’t doubt someone of his intelligence will be able to figure it out in very little time.


Taith da

Sioned rch Brân


 CC: Lara Green, Queen Regent, Sheriff of Amber.