She’d been staring at the wall for a good five minutes. Too many things in her head, it felt like she was running in circles and her mind wouldn’t stop. She blinked and looked at the pages in front of her. Too much information, trying to get it all down at once.

She up-ended the book over the tabula rasa and gave it a solid tap. The words, sketches, formulas and half formed thoughts tumbled off the pages in a mass and sank into the blank copper surface. Sometimes it helped to write it all down with pencils and pens, to clear the jumble in her head. Not tonight.

With a gesture she pulled all of the data into three dimensions above the tablet and began sorting it. The list on one side. Tidy it up, use more consonants, bring a little sense to it. The formulas and equations, half drawn, half finished, theoretical. file them away and cross reference with anything else already stored there. She wan’t going to be able to make sense of any of it tonight. Conjuration diagrams and temporal matrices. These were interesting, and she really wanted to focus on them, but couldn’t make the connections she needed to. Rearrange for easy retrieval later. The last thing left hovering in the air.

“too many pieces, not enough anchor points” Indicative of more than just her frustration with crystal structures and conjuration. She was missing an anchor point. She flicked her eyes at the phrase and it melted away into falling golden light.

Sioned picked up the one thing that she had been able to focus on, a copper wrapped bracelet. Despite the fact that she created it for a purpose other than being pleasing to the eye, invariably it had ended up that way. She wasn’t sure how that worked.

Sioned slipped the cuff over her own wrist and tapped a quick tattoo on the tabula rasa. Light swirled up from it and formed a cube over the tablet’s surface. It undulated gently.

“Heart.” and the light resolved into a visual representation of a beating heart, hers. She followed with brain, ribs, kidney, poplitea, inner ear, sacral nerve clusters. Each was represented in kind.

“Monitor.” her next command, and the light played through a series of formations as it detected the rhythms of her body and comparison against baseline. It noted a slight serotonin imbalance with a ping that she brushed away.

She took the cuff off, and the light returned to a gently undulating cube.

Taking a small pocket knife from the table, she cut a line in the pad of her thumb. She bit her lip a little. Pain for “science” was never fun. She replaced the cuff on the opposite wrist.

“Assess.” after a pause, the light resolved quickly on the wound with an alert. A soft ping also alerted her to the slight bruising of her bitten lower lip. She wryly smiled with a touch of relief. At least that worked. Sioned stuck a sticking plaster on her thumb and wrapped the tabula rasa back into it’s wearable form.

She left her apartments a short time later, fully armoured. A brief conversation with Caine and she was on her way to join him in the city. Once the morning came, she could help him Trump Julia just as Julia had helped her Trump through the barrier only a few days before.

First she needed to stop by Erica’s rooms. This was the reason she had made the cuff after all. Gerard she trusted with her spare copper tablet and the rhythm that would unlock the artifacts. She knew he wouldn’t give that information to anyone else.

They nodded a farewell to each other and she headed for the stables. It was still many hours until dawn. She mentally added a tick next to one of her hastily scrawled notes. “Be more useful” Check.



XP Spend:
5 points – Conjuration specialisation – Biothaumaturgy
1 point – Croí- copper cuff