To the Chief Sheriff,

…is that your title?

Anyway, couple of things going on that I thought you should know about, being all in charge of…is it everything right now?

  1. Cordelia and Lilit remain safe in Origin. Cordelia’s pregnancy seems to be continuing normally, but due to the time difference between Amber and Origin (1:5, Amber:Origin) this may become more of a pressing matter sooner rather than later.
  2. Seona Karm. This one’s a little more urgent. Sioned’s frankly amazing time device is great, but I could only do so much to help her. She was right on the brink of death when Hagen found her. So, with your permission (read, I’ve already done it) I have a couple of people standing by outside of the stasis room. I’ve shifted the portal to Origin we’ve into a small gem which they hold. The second the effect wears off she’ll be teleported directly to our Halls of Healing.

A couple of things with that. When I found her…she had nothing left. Part of healing her injuries was healing her mind, convincing her to regain the will to live, forcing the body to want to heal.

She’s gonna need more than just surgeons and mages. Sorcery can only go so far to convince someone of something they don’t want. My worry is that if I go too far, she won’t be the same. Hell, after what I did to bring her back, I don’t think I’m 100% the same…maybe, 99.5?

Anyway, I would highly, massively, 100% recommend that Edan or some other family is there when she wakes.

Finally, Origin. I’m changing the password soon since there has kinda been an open line to my personal shadow at the gates of Amber City.

For the past week.

If you need access I’m just a trump away…but yeah, hope you understand.

Actual last thing: permission to go after Dworkin…do I need it?