Notes from the Office of the Herald of Amber by Scribe Altonus Bayle


It is a tradition within the Herald’s Office that Prince Bleys is a problematic subject for representation. His preferences change more quickly than most of the other Princes and Princesses of the Blood, and he takes it upon himself to change his devices without due consultation with the Office—or even notifying it! This survey shows four of Prince Bley’s emblems over time, but does not assert that He would use any of them in the future.

Diagram 1: Legend has it that Queen Clarissa had a difficult pregnancy with Bleys. At the moment of his birth, a great shooting star broke through the low clouds and filled the new moon sky with light. King Oberon commemorated this with Bley’s kamon c. AR850, eschewing a botanical emblem in favour of the astronomical/meteorological. There are no extant depictions of Prince Bleys ever using this device.

Diagram 2: Stylised 7-point star, in the style of the High City c. AR1850. If there is one commonality across Prince Bley’s devices, it is the 7-pointed star. This particular device was connected with the ‘Royal Cypress Square’ clique that dominated society from 1830 to 1855 or so, and included many renowned artists: painters, composers, musicians, conjurers. The composer Jarrow Harman-Chantris, a rumoured lover of Bleys, dedicated his song ‘The Seven Excellences of the Prince’ (Beauty, Passion, Invention, Skill, Grace, Will and Wit), using the points of the star as a motif.

Diagram 3: Shooting star argent on field purpure, in chief a sabre argent blade and or grip, guard, crosspiece. Device constructed c. AR1955 in the Office’s drive for consistency and modernisation. Prince Bleys was consulted on the device but never finally approved it, and seems not to have ever used it. One note suggests the suspicion Prince Bleys may have been toying with Office clerks.

Diagram 4: A printed logotype in the ‘hipster’ tradition, from the letterhead of a signed communication between Prince Bleys and Queen Erica in AR2012. Original filed at the Chancery. Investigation revealed that Prince Bleys has been running a ‘consultancy’ in a Shadow of the ‘Earth’ branch. It is not known whether he uses ‘Morningstar’ or ‘Owlglass’ as his nom d’anonymat there. Conceivably, it is both.