Ref: D17-694

25 September 2016

Prince Corwin

Regent of Amber

Room 415-3

Amber Palace

Dear Sir,

I regret that I am not able to give you a proper hand-over of the Regent’s business in person, however in lieu please find below information which I believe you may find of use.

The Regent has a large number of regular weekly meetings with various members of the nobility and notable people of the town via your membership of the Privy Council and other various committees. Please find enclosed at Attachment A an up to date timetable of the various meetings you will be required to attend.

Attachments B through I are short briefs on each of these meeting and the current issues of concern which I have been dealing with during my time as Regent.

Accompanying this letter you will  also find a large number of files. These contain more detailed records of each of the meetings, along with files on other issues of concern to the Regent. Again, for each of these files I have included a brief one page precis of the pertinent issues and state of play.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.



Lara Green

Sheriff of Amber