Lara sits at her desk in her rooms at the palace, staring out the window to the sea beyond and tapping her pen on a blank page of her open diary. She’s taken a quick break to come back to her room to bathe and tidy up before Monroe’s funeral. She’s chosen a simple fitted knee-length black dress, belted at the waist and with elbow-length sleeves. She wore it back on Earth for M’s, the old M that is, funeral and she hopes it will do here.

The pen finally ceases its tapping and a slight frown draws Lara’s brow as she begins to scribble hastily.

Hagen. What to do about him? He murdered Monroe, without being in fear of his own life from what I know. The job of Sheriff means policing the Princes as well as the nobles and no one can just go and murder someone. I don’t care if it’s happened that way before, it can’t be ignored. Thus I need to bring Hagen to account for what he did. Complication, Edan doesn’t want people to know how Monroe died. (and in this political climate that may well be a good thing? The people already resent, if not outright hate, us so much and fair enough, I own a large part of that. This would be a match to a powder keg I think, but should he go unpunished?  I don’t think so. How to keep it from getting out then? Fuck.). I know he’s already requested lands from Hagen as reparations, but that’s been done outside the Office. What is the history of action for this kind of thing? It can’t be the first time something like this has happened, can it? There must be records somewhere, making it up as I go along is laughable. Who to ask? Caine? Probably not wanting to talk to me right now. Erica? No. Evgeny would likely say it’s not his problem and good luck. Tomas maybe? A good starting place I think.

Complication 2 – I might not even be Sheriff in the next day or so, who knows what Corwin will want? Who knows if it will be me, doubt I made a good impression on him at our first meeting and he’s probably going to think I resent him for taking over as Regent. Hardly. Must make sure to get files in order for possible new Sheriff. Would be good to have some continuity of staff, so recommend Talion be kept on as Deputy if that happens, he’s only just started and seems to get on well enough with Corwin.

Will there be a throne war? Seems possible. Caine not happy, Julia out of action but likely to be v angry, thus Gerard also. Not sure about others, but seems likely some resentment from them. What can be done to prevent war?

Sioned, what to do about her? Something very not right there, but how to get her to talk and to help her? Feel guilty that I’ve not been there for her when she so obviously needed someone to talk to. Some friend I am. Talion is right, we need to talk more, communicate better. Been trying, but sometimes things come so fast that all you can do is act and deal with the consequences later. But that isn’t always good enough, how to change? File that for later. Sioned needs help, reach out and help her Lara.

Deirdre. I just want to connect

Need to make sure Emil has everything he needs in place for removal of Seona to Origin.  What else does he need, Brand and Sarina both gone, Isolde must weigh on his mind, what can I do to help? Anything?

Edan, Edan, Edan. Of course yes, a thousand times yes. Secretly? I’d love the two of us to run away, never come back. Not going to happen though. Too much responsibility. Nice dream though. Wedding planning. Gods. Sure to be a palaver here. Absolutely yes to a small one with just our people first. Maybe at Barafundle Bay, or London? Want to be close to Mum, somewhere we shared. Talk to Edan about it, see if he has thoughts. Can I move from palace to Eorthwick full time?  Should be able to. Want to very much. Commute to palace easy enough, just need to draw Trump of outside palace gates. Maintain rooms at palace of course.



Lara looks up from the page and puts down the pen. Nodding slightly, she closes her diary and gets up from the chair, glancing at the watch on her wrist. It’s an artefact really, but it’s set to Amber time and she finds it useful to know what time it is somewhere in the universe at least.

So much to do, there always is, but first there’s a funeral to attend.