Notes from the Office of the Herald of Amber by Scribe Altonus Bayle


Although Prince Caine visits the Herald’s Office often, seeking lore of the titles of the realm and adjacent realms, His Highness makes small use of our services himself. It has been suggested this is because he prefers a note of ambiguity or even mystery in his public persona.

Diagram 1 shows Prince Caine’s coming-of-age device c. AR1100, a lion rampant or atop a bend dexter gules on a field argent, shown here on a Baylish banner in the Baylish manner. The lions of the Northern Marches are fierce predators associated with the totems of Queen Riga Bayle’s clan. There are no depictions of Prince Caine over using this device.

Diagram 2 shows Prince Caine’s current official device: a cat sejant erect or with eyes vert on a field gules, in chief sable the sword Havenskoye argent et or. A series of unauthorised variations of this are used as Admiral’s flags by Prince Caine’s fleets. The Prince’s shift from lion to cat is ascribed to the 14th Century, a time in which his rivalrous intrigues against Princes Corwin and Random was at its height.

Diagram 3 shows a sigil or printed sign that Prince Caine often uses in City business.