“Isolde. She’s come home.

Well, for the moment. I guess my hunch was right…maybe? Too many people telling her what to do, how to think. She still needs time to sit, relax, work herself and her own problems out. Reach out for help if she needs it.

I really hope Fiona hasn’t done anything to her. Treading the line between giving her space and making sure Fiona hasn’t left any surprises is going to be difficult.

As for the other loose ends…that’s a long list.

I should check on my parents. They’ve been off in Tir for…well, time doesn’t really matter in that case, but I should check up on them now the Venway aren’t exploding.

Seona, she’s prepped for transfer to Origin. Just have to wait for the bubble to break then make sure she gets there intact.

Yeah, Origin. Will need to change the locks…again.


What the hell is Dworkin up to?

There are my own studies. I right on the cusp of a new style of sorcery…I just need a little time.

Is Erica on the way out and will Corwin kill everyone and take Amber down and do I care?

Bleys. What the hell is he up to? Maybe I’ll just trump someone completely different and ask him.

Sioned’s dad. Is he still diving for Uzuldaroum? Should probably check in and make sure he hasn’t gotten lost…again…”

“Hey boss…”

Emil finally opens his eyes. He had been lying on the couch reciting the list as the Doctor listened.


“Don’t sweat the bullshit.”

“…good point. Nice chat, thanks.”

The Doctor sighed and hopped down from its perch, shaking its head while wondering where the last few minutes of its life had gone and if it could have them back.

“Princes and bullshit…”