The vague sounds of moving water drifted into Sioned’s waking mind, a moment of serenity before the all too familiar dull throb of hang-over crawled up her neck. Drinking with the Bayles, when will she learn. Up-side, it wasn’t as bad this time.

She rolled slightly and squinted at the room lit in the gentle pre-dawn. She was lying fully clothed across the foot of a bed, half a sheet wrapped around her, legs dangling haphazardly across the edge. At the head of the bed, Caine was similarly sprawled among pillows, as though hoarding them against attack…she vaguely recollected drunkenly demanding he give her one, to which his response was to madly grab all of them and fend her off with his smelly feet, laughing like a mad man.

Every third of fourth breath he snored.

At some point during the evening, she seemed to have exchanged her obscenely frilly (and quite orange) frock for a pair of denim Padua pants and a grey t-shirt with”Goonies never say die” printed on it in faded red lettering.

Gerard was nowhere to be seen. She wondered if escorting Caine home after an all night bender was a common occurrence for Gerard…she doubted either she or Caine had been in any condition to escort themselves home. Sioned assumed they were close to the docks, the sound of moving water, and now a few gull cries. This wasn’t the castle.

She sat up. How many things were there on her to-do list today, she asked herself.

Caine snorted and shifted position.

“Tell me who your parents are.” He muttered, cracking one eye open in her direction.

“Tell me who your first favourite niece is.” She replied, her dry throat making her voice husky

Caine humphed in annoyance and pushed his face back into the pillows.

Gerard had left a pitcher of water, two glasses, and what looked like a bottle of vitamins on the dining table, along with a note.

“Take all of these between you when you wake up. And tell Caine I talked Rachel out of barring him, but he’s never to do the Truffle Shuffle ever again. G”