From the private diary of Scribe Altonus Bayle


Princess Deirdre’s heraldry is a mark of shame for the Herald’s Office. As archivists, it should be our duty to record what was and what is. This should be respected. But it is not. And due to historical events between the Princess and her father, King Oberon of Amber, there remain no official records of her devices among the great catalogues of the Herald’s Office.

In fact, I compile this page out of discarded scraps and from a great deal of searching among secondary sources. The risk I run of displeasure from the Palace, or worse, I consider small but not to be disregarded. I do this for posterity, so that this lore will not be lost. So be it. It is written.

Device 1 is the kamon set upon Princess Deirdre as an infant. She had the poor judgement to allow her mother, Queen Faiella, to die in childbirth (or soon after—the annals are contradictory), a crime for which her father never really forgave her. It is supposed to be the night-rose of kamal. They still grow in rare patches on the upper slopes of Kolvir and bloom for but one night a year, attracting the great lunar moths.

Device 2 was the hardest to recreate: it has been expunged from the Family Book. It is depicted in the illustrations of a few obscure accounts of the Second and Third Weirmonken Wars, in which Princess Deirdre fought well and defended Amber. Her role in these events has also been made obscure. It is a swooping owl of the Tyto family, ferro nobilis, on a field party per bend, murrey and argent.

Device 3 is a logotype based on an original created in quill pen and ink. It has been seen among Princess Deirdre’s personal effects in the last decade, and upon letters purported to have been authored by her. I have been unable to determine the truth of the rumour that the Princess also has this device tattooed on a normally covered part of her anatomy.