Sioned sat on the couch in Lara’s flat, surrounded by glossy magazines open at various pages, or slumped inelegantly over each other and in danger of sliding on to the floor. Lara was dozing quietly in the window-seat. 

You-tube had proven most uesful in providing “research material” for this overlander wedding thing, of which Sioned was becoming increasingly disturbed. So far, the only one she’d thought was any good had lots of music and people dancing down the aisle. They all at least looked joyful and happy. 

Right now she was watching the fourth “royal wedding” video. Someone called Diana. The dress alone was almost unbearable. She looked like a giant puffy jellyfish,dragging  foot upon foot of white train behind her. Seriously, it went on forever.

Good gods! This seemed like an awful lot of bother for two people to go to in order to tell each other and anyone else who was listening that they were in love. 

She peered at the “brides-maids” dresses and mentally write a big NO next to them, and sighed. Sioned turned the TV off and decided she may as well just leave dress selection for the “big nobs do” to Melisandre. The girl seemed to relish it. Just need to make it clear that Jellyfish dresses were definitely out. 

She shoved various magazines off the coffee table with her feet and slumped back into oversized pillows. Marriage wasn’t somethibg she’d really been directly exposed to in Rebma. The Houses did it, more often the temporary kind; her great-great grandmother had multiple temporary marriages from what she recalled. She also wondered if this was something that overlanders expected to happen at sone point, when people got together…had her parents…

Thinking about her mother triggered a worm of discomfort in her stomach. 

She sighed. How many ways could she avoid thinking about unpleasant things. It was a habit she fell into easily, and she needed to stop. But not today. Today was Lara and her excitement.

She threw a pillow at her friend.

“Oi! Wake up.”

Lara started and glared melodramatically back at her. 

“What was that for?” And threw the pillow back.

“Enough wedding stuff, lets go see a show, that Les Mis thing we saw billboards for.”

“What, tonight? We won’t be able to find tickets.” 

Sioned rolled her eyed and hoisted herself from the couch, offering her friend a hand.

“You remember who we are, right?” And waggled her lithe little fingers in Lara’s face. 

Lara grinned, despite herself. 

“You’re terrible!” But she reached for her jacket anyway.

“Only when asked nicely” Sioned replied, sticking out her tongue, and dragging on a new pair of fluvogs. 

Lara laughed and whacked Sioned gently in the arm as they left the apartment.