Corwin…I really don’t know what to make of him.

I have some of ‘the facts’: Oberon left, Erica took charge. Corwin and Bleys gathered themselves up an army and tried to take the throne by force.

It didn’t work. Bleys fell off the side of a mountain (and survived) and Corwin got thrown into the dungeons with his eyes cut out.

…which hasn’t stopped him.

Really have to look into that whole ‘body regeneration’ thing, could prove useful.

Back to the main point: Corwin. Breakfast used to be a really nice, quiet affair. Then I started having it down by the bay.

I swear these are linked, stay with me here.

So I was sitting down having breakfast and up comes Caine, popping himself down at the table and ordering himself a drink.

“Oh hey, I’m Caine the paranoid, and you’re a redhead that can get into people’s minds. For the GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE YOU MUST GET INTO CORWIN’S MIND AND DETERMINE THAT HE IS EVIL AND MUST BE STOPPED”

…that might be a tad little bit of hyperbole on my part, but I think it captures his intent.

So, I was curious. (When am I not?) There was a funeral coming up which Corwin was going to attend. The elder Karm had met an unfortunate end at the bottom of a cliff, Corwin was going to attend, there was going to be a whole bunch of soldiers…

I workshopped an idea with Mum: Corwin loves a good song, he’s written a few in his time, go back and check out one of those and then compare it to something he sings now.

The result was…confusing. Before he was young, brash, your typical Amberite.

Now: I guess spending decades in a cell with your eyes cut out really does change someone. He’s got insight, you might even say compassion, empathy…humility.


Part of me doesn’t want to trust someone who has taken up arms against Erica (who has been fairly decent considering everything), but I’ve gotta remind myself that Hagan did it too.

Caine didn’t really believe me, but I’m getting the impression that he wasn’t going to believe anything other than what he wanted.

Now Corwin is in line for the throne and has made Lara his heir…

Well, guess I trust Corwin. You know, as much as I trust any Amberite…