The light was hazy, the place indistinct, but it had a sense of familiarity all the same, she was sure she’d been here before. And just on the edge of hearing a noise, possibly a voice, too faint to make out actual words though.

A memory? No, she didn’t think so. A dream? Possibly.

There it was again, that noise. Was it a little clearer this time? She took a few steps through the murk towards where she thought the sound was coming from. Yes, it was a bit stronger now, still too soft to resolve into words, but definitely a voice. The surface beneath her feet was no clearer and her surroundings no sharper, but the ground felt solid so she ventured forward another few paces.

A breeze kicked up, whipping the words away from her. Another few steps, and a sudden lull in the wind. Was that a name she could hear? Her name? Another few steps and she’d have the shape of it, she was sure.

The wind picked up again, stronger, and she had to lean forward into it as she moved on. But she had a direction now, and she would follow it. She picked up her pace.

Yes. Her name. “Lara” The tone was plaintive and the sound little louder than a whisper, but clear enough for her to focus on. She couldn’t be far away now.

“Lara, help me.”

Darkness was starting to descend, making the already low visibility even worse. She reached out her hand, fingers touching nothing yet. Just a little further and she’d be there. She’d get him out.

Another step and suddenly she was falling, the ground beneath her, so solid just a moment before, gone.

She jerked awake with a start. Sean. He needed her, their, help. Oh god. How could she have forgotten about him? Freeing him from Oberon’s control and getting Oberon back in his own body should be her top priority.

Sioned and Emil and she had a plan once and they had been pretty sure it would work until Bleys came along and convinced her otherwise. Perhaps they could revisit that? She had promised M she’d return Sean to him. Surely with Sioned and Emil by her side they could make it work. Yes. She would track them down and re-enlist their help. Hagen too, his counsel and advice on this would be welcome. Between them they could do this, she could make it work. She had to.