I'm not a bloody relationship counsellor.

There are many things I am, that is most certainly not one of them.

…seriously, was I the only person he could think of to help? If it was to prevent the summoning of a giant demon, or DJ his wedding (in all seriousness, that I could do with my hands tied behind my back. There are no tracks on any device I own or manuscripts of music that haven't gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they're worthy)

Let's take stock of my relationships shall we?

Well…any that have lasted land firmly in the one category, and she has made it perfectly clear that whatever we are is done. She's not eager for the life of being in love with an Amberite.

…flying to her house half drunk in half made power armour probably wasn't a good idea, but it was the conversation that needed to be had.

A shitty conversation, but it was always going to happen I guess.

So yeah, I'm fantastic at relationships so my advice is going to be top freaking notch…

…what the hell was he thinking?!

At least I haven't screwed up with Isolde. I guess. Well, I'm yet to see, but I'm giving her the freedom and space that I think she needs, and wants. She's gonna get into trouble, sure, but have a look at my history. I just have to be there to help her clean up the mess and move on. Maybe even learn something.

So, she's gone off travelling. I write to her. Small messages here and there. I haven't gotten any back yet but maybe.

…what the hell was he thinking? Maybe Vampire brain takes a while to get used to.


Shit, Suhuy. I've gotta stop being distracted.