The blind king, groping for his sword, as his brothers and sisters stand behind him with their blades drawn, to protect? Or to attack?

The Earthen Dukes: Edan Karm all dressed in green, glittering armour and a fey spear. Xabier Bayle in full armour, rusted like blood, his sword dripping gore. Masud Chantris with his face turned away.

Fire: Alberich Feldane wreathed in strange fire, the bones of his face and hands clearly visible through skin like vellum.

Water: Queen Moire in heavy shadow, silvery things moving around her in shoals.

Air: A song weaving over it all, the knowledge of seasons and the wax and wane of the moon, that all things cycle and change, that all things end. That wind can shape rock, that flames die without air, and that water goes where the storm wills it.

Yes…these are the things that you want to witness when reaching for the well deserved glass of champagne after sitting on your arse for seventy three hours watching a king's coronation and people fawning all over him.

…it did make for a more interesting evening.

I got to meet Mandor – who is so damningly curiosity sparklingly…well, he's up there in power, could see my vision, is a 'brother' of a long missing Amberite (brother not of blood more like) and is from ANOTHER POLE OF THE UNIVERSE THAT IS SO AWESOME IN THE TRUEST SENSE OF THE WORD BECAUSE THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF FEAR LEAKING OUT OF ME.

I got to go there…well, a border…but I really do want a tour.

Tour. That word also probably doesn't mean what I think it means.

But the more important thing…that damn vision. I didn't put too much stock in it at first, mostly because in my slightly weak like kitten state someone told me not to. But now that I think about it more, knowing about how Amber was created as a balance between the four elements, and that vision missing any physical representation of air, but then again it's not really physical…but if something is unbalanced…

I should really see what my parents are up to.