Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


The Royal Palace

The Monarch

The Court

The Privy Council

Originally created by Oberon to appease his Dukes,the Privy Council meet approximately monthly to discuss matters of state they feel should be acted upon by the monarch. They fulfil an advisory role only, although since Oberon’s departure their advice has been more closely listened to, and even acted upon.

The Council consists of the heads of the five noble houses, the Archbishop, the Admiral of the Fleet, the Warden of Arden, the Lord Mayor, the Guild President, and the Captain of the City Watch. The monarch’s secretary also attends in an advisory capacity.

In order of precedence, the Council are:

  • Duchess Cassilda Venway
  • Duchess Seona Karm
  • Duke Xabier Bayle
  • Duke Masud Chantris
  • Duke Alberich Feldane
  • Archbishop Nikola Bayle
  • Lord Mayor Harriet Coram
  • Admiral of the Fleet, Ridha Chantris
  • Warden of Arden, Princess Julia
  • Guild President Sebalt de Vries
  • Captain of the City Watch, Evgeny Venator
  • Secretary, Tomas Venator (ex officio)

Court officers

The various official court positions are hotly contested, because they carry with them huge status, a significant salary, and a large staff. Most are filled by members of the noble families.

The Secretary – The monarch’s right hand, keeper of the seal, and the person you have to appease in order to see the monarch. Only fools and princes risk annoying the Secretary. Until a year ago, this position was held by Seona Karm, but her elevation to head of her house left this much-coveted spot empty. The Secretary is the most senior court official, and is nominally in charge of all other court positions.

The Treasurer – Keeper of the keys (to the treasury, the dungeons, etc.) and collater of interminable lists. The Treasurer is also responsible for the body of men who guard the treasury and the dungeons.

The Herald – Head of Amber’s diplomatic corps, normally consisting of front-line diplomats, ambassadors, and the secret service. The Herald is also responsible for granting arms and letters patent. Previous holders of this position include prince Hagen, and Prince Caine (when Caine moved from Herald to Admiral of the Western Fleet, he took the secret service with him).

The Chamberlain – Responsible for the day-to-day running of the palace, the Chamberlain knows who your favourite servants are, what you like for breakfast, and where all the bodies are buried (so to speak).

Master of Books – Keeper of the library and collater of historical facts. The current incumbent, Palamon Drave, is elderly, cranky, and frequently threatening to quit.

The Church

The monarch is the nominal head of the church. The church is ruled by an Archbishop, who is based at the great cathedral of Amber. He is supported by a system of bishops based in the various cathedrals and churches throughout Amber and the Golden Circle.

The City

The Corporation

The Lord Mayor


The City Watch

The Guilds

Guild council


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