Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

The Pattern

The Pattern is a tangible symbol of Amber’s power, a great swirling maze of blue flame that will embrace those of the blood royal and destroy those not entitled to take its power.

The four Patterns can be found along Amber’s pilgrim trail, all in locked rooms under heavy guard — pilgrims can look at the Patterns through the bars, but may not approach them.

The princes of the blood are known to walk the Pattern more than once. They do this seeking power, or answers, or hints of the future. Each Pattern has a different ‘flavour’, and will test those walking it in different ways.

Pattern Element Meaning Location
Toil Earth Things that are On Mt Kolvir, below the dungeons of Amber Palace.
Tears Water Things that were In Rebma, beneath the cellar of the royal palace.
Fear Fire Things that will be In the shadow of Mt Caoranach, in the catacombs beneath Arras Cathedral.
Regret Air Things that might have been In the sky above Mt Kolvir, in Tir-na Nóg’th, which is only solid in strong moonlight.

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