Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


For ease of reference, I’m going to give everything a year, starting from the foundation of Amber at year 1. I’m sure there’s some anal retentive councillor in the palace who worked all this out at some point. I can’t imagine how else the legal system would work if they don’t have some system of dating.

A timeline of major events in Amber history

1 Dworkin Barimen draws the Pattern and Amber is born. Note that although this is given as the founding year of Amber, records are non-existent, and chroniclers only have Oberon’s estimation of the amount of time that passed between Amber’s founding and the creation of the palace and city.
200 The defensive wall and castle atop Mt Kolvir is completed. It is expanded several times over the centuries that follow.
202 Oberon marries Cymnea Venway.
203 Benedict is born.
221 Osric is born.
275 Finndo is born.
368 Llewella is born.
386 Oberon brings Llewella to live in the palace. Cymnea objects, and makes life in the palace miserable for Llewella, who soon returns to Rebma.
432 First weirmonken war. It is fought in Amber itself, the Golden Circle defences not yet being in place. The City declares Benedict and Osric national heroes for their role in defeating them.
466 Oberon begins an affair with Faiella Karm.
500 Erica is born. Osric begins openly feuding with House Karm.
547 Cymnea attempts to convince Oberon to end the affair with Faiella. He refuses, annuls their marriage and declares his children by Cymnea bastards. Osric swears vengeance on Oberon for the dishonour done to his mother and brothers, and leaves Amber.
556 Oberon marries Faiella Karm.
597 Corwin is born. Osric returns to Amber at the head of an army, and Finndo joins him, but the assault is ultimately unsuccessful. Finndo dies during the battle and Osric is captured. Osric is publicly executed a week after the battle. He pronounces his death curse in front of the gathered crowd, denouncing Benedict as a coward for not joining the assault, and declaring House Venway forsworn for not providing the reinforcements they’d promised him.
633 Deirdre is born. Faiella dies giving birth to her.
664 Oberon installs his new mistress Adele in the royal apartments.
716 Theodric is born.
730 Matilda is born.
787 Oberon brings Clarissa Feldane to Amber. She is not yet his mistress, but he clearly intends her to be. Her family follow her to Amber and begin building a power base there. Adele flees Amber after members of House Feldane threaten her safety.
817 Second weirmonken war. It was fought in the Golden Circle shadow of Kashfa. Benedict, Corwin and Theodric are lauded as heroes. Erica and Deirdre also fight in the war, but their role is heavily downplayed, much to Deirdre’s disgust.
825 Oberon raises Clarisssa’s father to the rank of Duke, making Feldane the fifth of Amber’s noble houses. Theodric, who wanted the fifth house for his mother’s family, duels the new Duke Feldane and is killed.
842 Bleys is born.
878 Oberon marries Clarissa Feldane.
895 Fiona is born.
980 Oberon divorces Clarissa in order to pursue Rilga Bayle.
991 Brand is born.
1016 Oberon marries Rilga Bayle.
1017 Caine is born (date is subject to dispute).
1043 Julia is born.
1086 Gerard is born.
1135 Rilga dies of a strange wasting disease. Clarissa is convicted of having used sorcery to cause Rilga’s death; she is charged with treason and executed.
1206 Third weirmonken war. It consisted predominantly of naval battles. Benedict and Bleys are the main heroes of the war. Some subversive chroniclers include the military roles played by Erica and Deirdre.
1237 Oberon marries Harla Chantris.
1264 Alma is born.
1267 Daud is born.
1282 Oberon publicly disowns Deirdre when it comes to light that she married a son of House Venway without his permission. She is formally removed from the succession – bringing the number of officially ineligible heirs to four.
1277 Isaac is born.
1305 Harla attempts to have Clarissa’s children declared illegitimate, possibly as part of political manoeuvres by House Chantris against House Feldane. Feldane find allies among House Bayle and after several years of nasty politics and duelling, House Chantris disown Harla in an attempt to salvage their reputation. It is during this time that Alma, Daud, and Isaac vanish, presumed killed in duels with their elder siblings. Oberon divorces Harla and she is exiled into shadow.
1385 Oberon brings baby Florimel to the palace.
1442 Oberon installs his new mistress Lora in the royal apartments.
1485 Delwin is born.
1487 Sand is born.
1599 Fourth weirmonken war. This war ended in Ghenesh, a Golden Circle shadow (which later rebelled because they felt they’d been used during the war). Benedict is the main hero of the war, most of his brothers being tied up in petty politics. Julia’s role is heavily downplayed, but cannot be completely whitewashed because she is mentioned repeatedly in Benedict’s dispatches.
1632 Oberon installs his new mistress Paulette in the royal apartments.
1644 Amber is assaulted by the Moonriders from Ghenesh. Their army is defeated at Jones Falls by Benedict and Corwin. Corwin is granted regency of Ghenesh.
1645 Lora dies. Her funeral is not held in Amber but in her home shadow.
1682 Random is born.
1698 Mirelle is born.
1702 Paulette causes a scandal by appearing at a court function wearing a royal crown.
1715 Mirelle falls overboard in rough seas and drowns; her body is returned to Amber by Caine. During her funeral, Caine has his flagship burned in tribute to her. A week after the funeral, Paulette commits suicide in a fall from the topmost tower of the Palace.
1813 Corwin goes missing.
1914 Oberon goes missing.
1989 Fifth weirmonken war, notable for being larger and stronger than previous attacks. It was fought predominantly in Arden’s shadows, though a group of weirmonken made it to Amber and breached the City Wall. They are defeated by Benedict, Erica and Julia. For the first time in Amber history, female generals are included in the annals of war.
1990 Brand goes missing.
1991 Benedict departs Amber.
1999 Queen Moins of Rebma dies. She is succeeded by her daughter, Moire.
2012 Bleys and his supporters attempt to seize control of Amber through political means. They are stymied by Erica and her supporters. Bleys and Fiona depart Amber. Duke Karm is forced to stand down in favour of his eldest child, Seona.
2013 Bleys and Corwin lead an army against Amber in an attempt to seize the throne. Their armies are destroyed. Bleys falls off the seaward cliff of Mt Kolvir and is presumed to have died; Corwin is captured. Erica is crowned Queen of Amber. Her first act as Queen is to pronounce judgement on Corwin for his treason against the throne. He is blinded and sentenced to life in prison.
Now (2014) Celebrations for the first anniversary of Erica’s reign begin. The Vale of Garnath, which was razed by fire during the throne war, is now marred by the Black Road. Small groups of weirmonken lead attacks from the Road into Amber.

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