Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Notable Families

As well as the five noble houses of Amber, there are many powerful families in the realm. Most of these groups are offshoots of one of the houses, usually forming around a junior member of a ducal line, and owing ultimate fealty to a House. A very small number of these families are powerful in their own right, and do not owe fealty to a Duke, instead swearing directly to the monarch of Amber.



Head: Lord Evgeny, Third Baron Venator

A family only recently rising to prominence through the efforts of the family head, City Watch Captain Evgeny (the Third Baron Venator), and his younger brother Tomas (recently appointed Queen’s Secretary). Although they have some land holdings, their wealth is mostly political – as well as maintaining close alliances with various city guilds, they have strong links to the Palace through several members of the royal family, and are allied to the Rangers of Arden through Evgeny’s wife, Lisbeth Grunewald.

De Vries

Head: Ridder Sebalt De Vries (Ridder is a hereditary Knight, a title unique to Chantris)

A junior branch of House Chantris who mostly specalise in storage and distribution. They hold a great deal of power in Amber City, with the head of the family, Sebalt, currently serving as President of the Guild Council.


Head: Iarla Faolan Caderyn (Iarla is equivalent to a Count)

An offshoot of the Karm royal line, Caderyn rose to prominence when Lady Adele became Oberon’s mistress (and bore him two children, Matilda and Theodric). The family’s fortunes never recovered from the scandal Theodric caused in feuding with the newly-created house Feldane. Their lands were subsumed into Karm (by marriage in most cases). Their coat of arms is still visible above the stable doors of their old stronghold, which is now the city watch house.


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