Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Southern Coast

The southern coast of Amber is sparsely populated, and known predominantly for its unfriendly weather. Small hardy trees, remnants of mighty Arden, and coarse scrub cling to the steep seawards slopes of the Saba Mountains, and steady coastal winds batter the landscape. There are no safe places to bring a ship in to shore along the south coast, although some hardy folk do make a living fishing from the rocks.


Saraat is a quarantine town that lies midway along the Saba range. It can only be reached through a mountain pass to the south-east of Arras. The residents are shadow soldiers and common townsfolk who have been infected by weirmonken. A small chapel to the Unicorn here is staffed by monks who care for the tainted when they become too disfigured to care for themselves. The residents of Saraat are sometime called the “honoured dead,” because most are former soldiers who contracted weir-taint in defence of Amber, and the taint means they can never go home, lest they infect others – their families hold rites for them as though they have died, and bury empty coffins.


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