Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


This game uses the Amber: Diceless (ADRPG) system. I’m also using some of the descriptions from Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, because I feel they get the information across better than the old ADRPG does.

For the most part, the powers used in this game are as detailed in the ADRPG book. However, Shapeshifting has been tweaked, so please read that section if you intend to use it.


Characters will be built on 50 points (but everybody gets Pattern for free).

Character points are spent on the four Attributes, Powers (Pattern, TrumpShapeshifting and Sorcery), Stuff, and Things (including allies, artefacts, and shadows).

Getting more points

You can get up to 20 extra points by bribing the GM.

As a rule of thumb, anything that will add to the game in an ongoing capacity (such as prose or graphics) will be worth 10 points. Anything that adds to each game in a more ephemeral sense (such as food, cocktails, or music playlists) will be worth 5 points. Be aware that if you sign up for GM bribes, you will be expected to do that thing for each game. If you don’t, those points will be Bad Stuff for the duration of the game (or until you bribe the GM with something else).

You can also get more points by ‘buying’ Bad Stuff. I do not recommend any more than five points. Ten points will seriously ruin your day. Fifteen points is just suicidal.


Trump message

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