Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Osric’s curse

Also known as Venway vampirism. This is the burden of universal contempt and base appetite that the descendants of Cymnea bear thanks to her son Osric’s death-curse.

The Venway vampires are not undead, but magically-enhanced beings. Their curse is hereditary in Amber (and is autosomal dominant—Venway babies drink blood too), but it tends to become a contagious disease in Shadow, where it often synergises with sorcery and necromancy to create actually undead vampires.

It is rumoured it can be contagious under mysterious circumstances even in Amber.

(Based on Partial Powers: Shapeshifting: Alternate Forms [2 points of item stuff costs 5 character points])

Resistant to firearms 2 = 5
Extra hard teeth and claws 1 = 2.5
Regeneration 4 = 10
Alternative forms: named & numbered 2 = 5
A Venway’s natural form is the ‘scary face vampire’: they must learn a human face. Otherwise, Venway display a range of different forms: wolves, panthers, wolverines, crows, bats, bat monsters, even giant arthropods.
Loss of power in sunlight –2 = –5
The Venway are merely mortal (plus or minus their proximity to Amber) in sunlight, which is common in Shadow. In some, sunlight can even be manufactured (e.g. Underworld’s or Ultraviolet’s ‘UV light’). Additionally, the sunlight of many Shadows actually burns the Venway, even to death.
Blood thirst, repelled by Faith, animal antipathy etc. –1 = –2.5
Venway can eat food and drink wine but it does not sustain them. They need mammalian (or equivalent) blood to thrive, and the blood of humans most of all. Most can survive on a mere pint of blood per 24 hours, but many are gluttons and drink far more than this.

The Venway guilt manifests in an intolerance for religious assertions of a higher morality. Solar or Unicorn/Pattern based faiths are most effective.

The Venway do not get on with animals. Their cavalry horses are an exception to this: raised from birth by Venway, and given small doses of Venway blood with their feed, they are nearly as predatory and nightmarish as their riders.

Total = 15

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