Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


Pattern is the birthright of all those who bear the blood of Oberon. Although simply possessing the blood royal confers a small ability to move through shadow, this is erratic at best and only seems to work between shadows that already have some congruence or path laid down between them. To gain true control over their birthright, a member of the royal family must walk the Pattern itself — the great symbol etched into the floor of a room in the palace basement.

Only members of the blood royal may walk the true Pattern — it will destroy those not entitled to take its power. Imperfect echoes of the symbol can be found through shadow, and walked by any bold enough to do so (see Broken Pattern below). The true Patterns can be found along Amber’s pilgrim trail, all in locked rooms under heavy guard — pilgrims can look at the Patterns through the bars, but may not approach them. The Patterns are located:

  • On Mt Kolvir, below the dungeons of Amber Palace.
  • In the sky above Mt Kolvir, in a place called Tir-na Nóg’th, which is only solid in strong moonlight.
  • In Rebma, beneath the cellar of the royal palace.
  • In the shadow of Mt Caoranach, in the catacombs beneath Arras Cathedral.

In order to walk the Pattern, a character must:

  • Be descended of Oberon
  • Have at least Amber level endurance
  • Have one of the other three stats at Amber level

Pattern Initiate (50 points)

Pattern allows the user to move through worlds by subtly changing the environment around them. It is a very versatile and very safe way of traversing shadow. These little shifts can also be used to find useful objects (lifting up a couch cushion to find the keys to the van outside; reaching into a garbage bin and pulling out a wallet with local currency in it). Faster versions of shifts can be accomplished by hell-riding, a fairly uncomfortable and draining way of travelling.

Pattern walkers can also lay down paths for others to follow (including permanent ones, given enough time); they can lead vast armies through shadow; and they can raise the sign to protect themselves against magical or mental attack. Plus they never lose anything, irrespective of whether or not it was theirs to start with.

Pattern can be used to create (that is, ‘find’) artefacts, but note that such things will be costed and applied to your character irrespective of whether or not you have spare points — this is a good way to end up with bad stuff…

Pattern Master (25 points)

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A Pattern Master can raise Pattern much faster and can use it to look through shadow (basically a mental shadow-walk). She can alter a shadow’s basic laws or erase the shadow altogether, and can create pockets of shadow much like a Chaos Way. She can also use Pattern to detect another person’s attunement to or potential for Pattern, and can hide her own attunement/potential.


Broken Pattern (10 points)

Sounds cheap, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled — Broken Pattern is not a fun thing. It allows a user to walk through shadow, but only through the ‘broken’ bits. It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s the holiday from hell.

All initiates of this power have a ‘focus’ — the negative emotion which fuels the power (hate, lust, greed etc). That focus will taint every shadow walk that character attempts.

Note that a character need not be a member of Oberon’s line to walk the Broken Pattern.



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