Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


Sorcery is the ability to use magic through shadow. Unlike Pattern and Trump, it is not a universal power — all shadows possess an intrinsic magickal field, which may help or hinder a sorcerer depending on its strength.

Power Words (10 points)

Basically small versions of Sorcery. Each power word is a single-effect spell (such as defuse spell, resume true form, power surge etc.). A power word is much faster than a sorcerous spell. Power words can be used more than once, but each successive use is draining on the character, and if the same power word is used on the same subject multiple times it tends to lose its effectiveness.

Sorcery (15 points)

Casting spells is fun! You can do just about anything with a spell, provided the spell doesn’t imitate or make use of a power you don’t possess. Spells can be ‘hung’ (stored) on the Pattern, or in artefacts. You can hang spells in your head, but one is the maximum. Hung spells will dissipate over a number of days, and will need to be re-hung periodically. Spells can be cast on the fly, but only in high-magic shadows.

Conjuration (20 points)

Allows the character to conjure artefacts, animals etc. out of whole cloth. Conjuration can be used in conjunction with sorcery to create spells that use other powers (provided the character possesses those powers). Conjuring an item is a lengthy process, and the time involved is increased exponentially with each power that is added to the item. Items made with conjuration have a limited duration, and will lose their powers and dissolve after a few days if not “firmed” through the expenditure of XP. Conjured items are particularly susceptible to Pattern, and can be damaged or even destroyed by the smallest application of it.


Sorcery is a pre-requisite for all the variant magickal powers shown below.

High Compelling (5 points)

Allows the character to weave mental effects into spells, thus laying suggestions and geases on people. This nasty stuff, and should be used with caution, especially against those who might notice what you’re doing…

Necromancy (5 points)

A rare specialisation of basic Sorcery, Necromancy allows the user to cast spells that affect dead things (zombies, ghosts etc). It can also be used to prolong a person’s life beyond death. A necromancer can hang spells that will prevent him from being killed, basically by allowing his soul to re-animate his body after death. This takes a great deal of power however, and the necromancer had better find a more stable vessel pretty damn quick or he’ll die permanently.


Trump message

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