Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


The people who inhabit Tir-na Nóg’th exhibit strange powers when they walk amongst normal shadows.

Bardic Tongue (1 point) — An Aisling can speak the language of any person they meet, as completely as any native. This talent does not work on written languages; she must hear the speech before she can imitate it. An Aisling also instinctively knows the use-name of any person they meet, or place they can see.

Glamour (1 point) — An Aisling can cast small illusions on objects to make them appear other than they are. She cannot change the object’s physical characteristics (it will still be the same size, weigh the same, smell the same, etc), only its appearance. This talent is often used to pay humans in bags of gold that turn to rocks in the sunlight. The glamour lasts until the next sunrise (sunlight cleanses fae magick).

Memory of the Land (3 points) — The Aisling have a strange relationship with time. In lands beyond Tir, this manifests as an ability to see the past of a place, and to call it forth or interact with it (there are tales of bards able to sing forth ancient winds from calmed seas). The cost of doing this varies depending on the magic level of the shadow, ranging from simple meditation to blood sacrifice. By combining this talent with blood magic, an Aisling can summon soldiers from ancient battlefields, and lead them elsewhere; without this investment, the ghosts cannot venture far from the place they are tied to.

Keening (5 points) — An Aisling can use her connection to the flow of time to bring bad luck (or good) to a target. This is done by drawing the memory of that bad luck out of the future and into the present. This power is never used lightly, for it can have unintended consequences (a famous story holds that a bard keened death upon a foe, and the foe managed to escape it, making him essentially immortal because he had beaten his future doom). Putting bad luck on a person means they will have commensurate good luck in the future. If they die with the keening unbalanced, it will pass to their bloodline.

Total = 10 points.

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