Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


A trump is a magical/mystical link to a person or place, usually drawn like a tarot card.

Pattern is a prerequisite for Trump. You don’t need Pattern to use trumps, but you do need it to create them. You also need to be able to see to use a Trump. Blind people cannot activate, or be contacted by, Trumps.

Trump Initiate (40 points)

The ability to draw Trump is very a powerful thing — once you have a trump of a place, you can always go there, provided you have enough personal Psyche to make the jump (this is based on distance). Even if the place (or person) depicted in the trump changes dramatically from that depicted on the card, the trump will still take you there. Being a major power, there are few things that can damage, disrupt or block trumps.

Initiates can make Trump sketches (which take about an hour, and are good for one use only), or full trumps, which can take a day or more, and are essentially indestructible once finished.

Trump Master (20 points)

A Trump master can memorise trumps and is able to use a mental picture rather than a real pasteboard one. He can spy on others’ trump conversation by eavesdropping on the participants’ card; or jam another person’s ability to use or receive trump calls. He can open a trump gate from one place to another using an ordinary trump card (though this is very draining). He can also create trump traps — a trump that looks normal, but on activation takes the user to a place different from that depicted on the card.


Trump message

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