Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…


Alternate form of the Copper Tabula Rasa.

Creator: Sioned rch Brán

Composition: Copper-brass alloy, black quartz

Sequence of Opening: opening and closing of the alternate form is achieved through conjuratoric perspective manipulation.

perspective 1 জ্ঞান viewed from side perspective in manipulated 2 dimensions
slide perspective up2 Extension of জ্ঞান in 2 dimensions. জ্ঞান now forms a cylinder
roll left 2 Adjustment of side perspective by rolling cylinder to the left.
rotate right 2 Manipulation of perspective when rotating জ্ঞান to the right
roll stylus down to flaten copper and lengthen off 2 Final conjuratoric perspective manipulation of জ্ঞান, flattening  into 2 dimensions through rolling and extension of the black quartz stylus.



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