Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Llewelwyn Calendar

The Llewelwyn Calendar, more commonly known outside of the Kingdom as the Rebman Calendar, is the modern civil and ecclesiastical calendar of the Kingdom of Rebma. It is named for Elwyn Braith tŷ Llew, who ratified the calendar in 231LE.

The calendar was a refinement of the old Rebhesic Calendar formulated during the Dragon Era and used throughout the Interregnum and the early Lion Era. This refinement amounts to a 0.008% correction in the length of the year. The motivation for the reform was to bring the date for the celebration of the the beginning of Samhradh (The Warming) for many of the individual belief systems in to conjunction under The Temple of the Three religious movement.

The Llewelwynian reform contained two parts: a reform of the Rebhesic calendar as used prior to Braith tŷ Llew’s time and a reform of the lunar tidal  cycle being employed by the The Temple to calculate the date of the first day of Samhradh. The reform proposed the extension of the Rebhesic week to include 3 days for the Temple, ostensibly creating 3 days of Temple sanctioned rest/worship in the Rebhesic week.

Calendar reform was to have a significant impact on the amalgamation of the prolific regional belief systems in to The Temple of the Three. The standardised system solved problems not only of spiritual concern, but also also had a far reaching affect on economics and academia among other disciplines.

The Llewelwyn Calendar, even in modern times, revolves around the cult of the Three. The standardised lunar tidal system works across three seasons in a standard year, 12 days in a standard week and 27 hours in a standard day.

Three Seasons: one for each of the Dduwiau being equal

Ddraig Llewesau Ceirw
Samhradh (The Warming) Earrach (The Gloaming) Geimhreadh (The Cooling)

12 Days in the week:  3 each for each of the Dduwiau being equal, and 3 for the Temple where they are worshiped as one

Drayage Llewesau Ceirw The Temple
Meán Mawrth
Deireadh Mawrth
Mí na Nollag

27 hours in each day

  • The Sacred Number 9 for each of the Dduwiau (3+3+3)
  • The Divine Number 27 for the day combined (3 x 3 x 3 = 27  ~  2+7 = 9)

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